Truck trailers:
Experience and innovation

Trust in the market leader for lighting on truck trailers of all types. We are a provider of complete customised solutions and a system supplier. Innovative LED hybrid solutions represent an important trend for the trailer market - for more efficiency and safety on our roads.

Europoint III

This hybrid multi-chamber light distinguishes itself in particular through its unmistakeable Light Guide Technology. As a result, the visibility of the trailer is significantly improved.

Ecopoint II LED

This compact 5-function light has a new design thanks to being equipped with LED inserts. Optionally, this rear lamp is available with and without a triangle.


The Aspöck ramp-distance-control for Trailer with EBS minimizes the cases of damage and helps avoid costly repairs.

Wiring and plug connector

Wiring and plug connectors for Aspöck lighting solutions are produced tailor-made in-house at Aspöck. As a result, the best-possible quality is achieved.

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