The Plastics Technician

Katharina  -  Process Supervisor Production

“Aspöck Systems offers space for further training and promotes the integration of ideas.”

The Plastics Technician

Tell us about your previous career path at Aspöck Systems - and what prior experience you have brought with you!

“After my apprenticeship as a baker, I practiced this vocation for another 2 years before starting as a production employee at Aspöck Systems in September 2011. I first completed my apprenticeship as a plastics moulding technician, and was then permitted, in my later function as Team Leader in Plastics Injection Moulding, to do a further apprenticeship as plastics technician. At the moment, I am a Process Supervisor in Production."

Which tasks does your job comprise, and which important characteristics do you need for your field of activity?

“In my position as the Team Leader, my most comprehensive task is the adjustment of new programs and available injection moulding programs to the machines, and their quality monitoring.

This includes the execution of material tests, the determination and detection of injection moulding errors and the subsequent remedying of errors. These tasks demand a high level of technical understanding. In addition, I act as the point of contact for any technical queries arising with regard to the injection moulding machines.

As Team Leader, it is important to make decisions as swiftly but also as conscientiously as possible. Teamwork skills, a sense of responsibility and patience are important components in this position.”

Why do you work at Aspöck Systems, and which tips do you have for newcomers to the company?

“Further training is a real benefit at Aspöck Systems - I have already had the chance to learn two different vocations.

I enjoy the exciting and diverse range of activities; you never stop learning, as they say!  
I would tell newcomers to take new ideas and suggestions on board, and certainly to try them out before rejecting them. A readiness to change is a characteristic that is highly appreciated in a consistently growing company.”

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