25. 08. 2015
Tail Light

The hybrid multiple chamber lamp EUROPOINT III is characterised above all by the unmistakeable fibre optics technology. This increases the visibility of the trailers and guarantees higher levels of safety for the traffic behind them.

In the standard version, all functions are equipped with bulbs except for the parking light function, which is implemented using the “Light Guide” LED technology, optionally, all functions can be replaced with LEDs.

Furthermore, it is possible to mount an additional flexible LED end outline marker lamp and pre-cabling with a 7-pole central connection. Optionally, the lamp can also be supplemented with 4 additional 2-pole connections on the rear side (distributor function).

The Europoint III is available in different versions which are continuously being extended and supplemented: These include the EUROPOINT III full LED version including the LCG (LED Control Gear) direction indicator. The LCG adapts the electronic properties of the LED lamps to the requirements of tractor units, which are not LED-compatible. As a result, indicator monitoring is ensured, and unfounded error messages are excluded on the on-board computer.